Drinking water Hotel Adam

6 October 2016

Drinking water is used for drinking, showering, cooking and extending the toilet. Especially when it is used for human consumption, this water must meet strict requirements. Likewise, when the drinking water flows through a heat exchanger to be heated or cooled down. The restriction to this is that there must be safety, so that the drinking water can not mix with the cooling or heating media. In concrete terms, this means for a plate heat exchanger: apply double separation.

The double separation ensures that, if a leak occurs in the wall of the plate heat exchanger, it will not mix both media (drinking water and service medium) through the second wall (double separation). This double separation is required for plate heat exchangers with a capacity higher than 30 kW.

For a hotel in Amsterdam we have supplied a double-walled brazed plate heat exchanger for heating drinking water with a capacity of 200 kW. The brazed double-walled heat exchanger has the great advantage that it is much more compact than any other double-walled heat exchanger.