Steam Applications

17 January 2018

We have supplied various steam heat exchangers in 2016 from 50 to 1,500 kW. The steam heat exchangers all have the same application: heating up water by means of steam (of different pressures). The choice of our customers is limited: a tubular heat exchanger with straight tubes or a coiled tubular heat exchanger.

The Spiralex® steam-series is a tubular heat exchangers with corrugated tubes in a straight form: the tubes are welded on both sides in the tubesheet and does have a bellow (expansions) in the shell. These heat exchangers have a compact construction (up to 1.5 meters) and can easily be connected in the piping. Good performing condensate draining must be ensures due to waterhammer.

The coiled tubular heat exchanger is a tubular heat exchanger, where the tubes are coiled around a fixed core in a shell. The advantage is, that the heat exchanger can be remain “flooded”. This means that condensate can remain in the shell of the heat exchanger. If there is stress or temperature differences in the heat exchanger, the tubes can easily absorb these expansions due to their coiled form (and flexibility).