Replacement Spiral heat exchanger

8 November 2018

At a sewage treatment plant, we have replaced three spiral heat exchangers for three Spiralex® corrugated tubular heat exchangers.


There were some restrictions: all incoming and outgoing connections of the pipelines has to remain where they were, because pumps, valves, etc could not be moved.

Our customer also wanted that no additional piping has to be installed. As shown on the pictures, the in- and outgoing connections of the exhisting units are on both sides of the room and one in the middle.

The choice for the Spiralex® corrugated tubular heat exchanger is espacially due to:

  • compactness
  • better heat transfer rates and therefore a bigger capacity
  • easy to clean

Our solution was easy and effective: we mounted the 3 units in 1 frame; 1 unit with the connections (in/out) on the left side, 1 with all connections on the right side and the third we have “cutted” in the middle, so that the customer could easily connect this third unit and no pipes had to be moved.