Presentation at Clafis Ingenieus in Heerenveen

17 April 2018

At the invitation of Clafis Ingenieus, Spiralex and its partner B Industrial were allowed to present themselves. The meeting took place at the head office of Clafis in Heerenveen, where they have a great office in the gym of the old technical school of Heerenveen. You can safely say a surprising and energetic environment!

Clafis Ingenieus regularly holds a meeting for its employees to share knowledge and experience with each other. Spiralex B.V. and B Industrial could use the opportunity to draw attention to both companies.

We have presented the topics “selection of heat exchangers” and “selection of control valves”. Because of the enthusiasm of those present and the relaxed atmosphere it was an ideal environment, where a lot of knowledge and experience were shared.

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