ITO-tower Amsterdam

2 December 2016

The Ito tower is a hundred meters high building in the Amsterdam Zuidas. The office building is part of the Mahler4 complex. The Ito tower has 25 above ground and two underground floors. The area of the print of the office building is approximately 2,600 m². The load-bearing parts of the Ito tower are made of reinforced concrete and the building has a steel skeleton. The exterior of the Ito tower is angular and contains holes. The façade is characterized by horizontally running windows and by aluminum panels, which are located between those rows of windows. There are four voids within the building. The Ito tower has a floor area of over 38,000 m².

For the expansion of the tower, we supplied 2 gasketed plate heat exchangers: one for the central heating water (25 kW) and one gasketed plate heat exchanger for the cooled water (19 kW).