Energy recovery from baking oven process

5 March 2017

For a supplier of candy, we once again carried out an energy recovery project.

The end customer roasts peanuts, after which the flue gases escape to the outside air via an air duct. From these flue gases, we recover the energy by means of four air heat exchangers, in which the warm air heats water which is used for rinsing baths and other purposes.
The 4 custom-made air exchangers have a total capacity of 250 kW in total.
Thermal oil is used for roasting the peanuts. Here, too, we recover energy. The thermal oil has to cool slightly before it is used again in the oil system. We have supplied 3 pieces of Spiralex® corrugated multitube heat exchangers, each with a capacity of 130 kW, in order to cool the thermal oil.
These Spiralex® corrugated multitube heat exchangers are specially made for this machine, including casing connections at an angle (in relation to the space) and insulation.