Distillation process

17 January 2018

Distillation is a technique to separate two or more substances in a solution by means of evaporation, based on the difference in the boiling point of these substances. Mixtures of two or more liquids can only be separated by distillation if the different liquids have boiling points that are quite far apart. If that is not the case, there is no pure substance, but a mixture from the cooler.

In this test project, we have supplied various parts, namely the preheater, heater, condenser, cooler and aftercooler.

De condensor, die wij geleverd hebben, is een JAD-buizenwarmtewisselaar. Het grote voordeel hiervan is, dat deze door zijn gewikkelde kern, gemakkelijk “verzopen” kan blijven en daardoor gemakkelijker te regelen is en het apparaat geen tot weinig “last” heeft van waterslag.

We have supplied a coiled tubular heat exchanger as a condenser. The big advantage of this kind of heat exchanger is that, due to its wounded tubes, it can easily remain “flooded” and is therefore easier to control. Besides that, the heat exchanger has no “trouble” with water hammer.

The other heat exchangers, like preheater, heater, cooler and aftercooler have to be fully stainless steel. We have supplied the completely stainless steel (fusion) brazed plate heat exchangers for these items.