MRS Ursulines

20 March 2017

We received the order for 2 brazed plate heat exchangers for heating central heating water for MRS Ursulines from Imtech NV (Belgium) . The supply consisted of a brazed...

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Applied Medical Europe

11 January 2017

A new production site with an office for Applied Medical Europe has been realized at De Wieken industrial estate in Amersfoort. This new location is close to the current...

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ITO-tower Amsterdam

2 December 2016

The Ito tower is a hundred meters high building in the Amsterdam Zuidas. The office building is part of the Mahler4 complex. The Ito tower has 25 above ground...

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Drinking water Hotel Adam

6 October 2016

Drinking water is used for drinking, showering, cooking and extending the toilet. Especially when it is used for human consumption, this water must meet strict requirements. Likewise, when the...

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Aquarium heat exchangers

15 July 2016

We supplied 12 gasketed plate heat exchangers for various aquaria. These aquaria are used for testing fishes in different circumstances. The duties for the heat exchangers are heating and...

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Plate heat exchangers Cogenerationplant Black Jack

12 June 2016

We supplied a gasketed plate heat exchanger with a capacity of 250 kW and an area of 9 m2 for  cogeneration plant Black Jack in Rotterdam.

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