Pasteur installation for creams en purees

Spiralex®  pasteur installations for creams and purees

Making high-quality cream is not without  challenges. It is a sensitive product that requires soft and correct processing. We understand this process very well and can provide you with advanced equipment to extract the exact fat content.

The most critical part of the cream is fat. Our systems are designed in a way that the temperature of the fat will be taken into account. We will also gently heat up the cream and will be gently treated by the pumpt, with hermetic systems that makes it possible to eliminate undissolved air from the product.

After the separation there are several possible directions to go. You can put some fat back into the milk to make it creamier (eg semi-full milk with 1.5% fat); You can pasteurize or treat UHT to sell the remaining hot (60 ° C) cream as whipped cream, or it can be cooled down, stored and later converted into cream frâiche, coffee cream, cooking cream, sour cream … and more. Whichever process you choose, we can support you with equipment and have the knowledge needed to guarantee a successful result.

EA fruit juice can be considered as a suspension of water, sugars (mainly: glucose – fructose – sucrose), acids, essences, vitamins, proteins, minerals, pigments and pectic substances.The most common semi-finished products are:

  • Puree, single strength of concentrate
  • Cloudy or pulpy single juices or concentrate (containing insoluble solid particles)
  • Clear single juice or concentrate (without insolubles)

Spiralex can process the various semi-finished products in complete systems: from receipt to filling. Various heat treatments can be added, such as evaporators for concentrate and aroma recovery systems for the recovery of flavorings.