Spiralex® corrugated tubular heat exchangers in a biodiesel plant

The production of Biodiesel takes place in different ways. An interesting alternative is the use of palm oil. This can easily be transported by ship from the tropics to the production location.

In a very clean and efficient process it can then be converted to biodiesel for 99 percent. Unlike fossil diesel, the net CO2 emissions of this biodiesel are considerably lower. Virtually no waste water is released during the production process. The waste that arises is pure glycerin. This can be sold on the market as a raw material for other (chemical) processes.

The process

The palm oil is thermally treated in the biodiesel plant, so that separation of the palm oil into biodiesel and glycerine takes place. Due to our extensive experience in methanol and ethanol products, we have been able to calculate the evaporation and condensation processes very accurately in the HTRI program for this customer.

  • Year: 2017
  • Product: Chemical
  • Categorie: Spiralex® corrugated tubular heat exchanger