Cooling waste water from potato production

2 May 2017

Spiralex BV supplied a big system for cooling wastewater out of a potation plant in 2017. This wastewater comes from the sewage treatment plant of a big potato processing company. Spiralex BV has already supplied more coolers for this application to this company, which has led to great satisfaction.

The waste water is cooled from 48 °C to 39 °C. The waste water is a composed mostly out of starch and small particles/contamination. The waste water flows through the heat exchanger with a flow of 80,000 kgs per hour.

We have supplied 22 units of a Spiralex® monotube corrugated tubular heat exchanger, with a length of 60 meter. All units are internally coupled and built into a frame. The entire system is drainable and equipped with various connections for temperature and pressure measurement.