B-Industrial as partner for Spiralex heat exchangers

17 November 2017

Since 2015, Spiralex BV has a collaboration with B-Industrial. With the name change to Spiralex BV, the collaboration with B-Industrial has been further expanded. B-Industrial will become the contact...

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Name change

1 November 2017

Our name has been changed from Heat Exchange BV to Spiralex BV. The basis for this is, that our name was often confuced with a suplier of air products....

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Sunflower oil

4 August 2017

For the same customer we (again) supplied 2 Spiralex® multitube tubular heat exchangers for heating up sunflower oil by means of thermal oil. The units must be very reliable...

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Heating of butter oil

20 July 2017

We have supplied a heater for heating up butter oil by means of thermal oil. As we did for heating sunflower oil, the butter is in this case also...

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Heating of deep-frying oil

7 July 2017

  Through our partner B-Industrial BV we have supplied a heater for deep-frying oil. The deep-fry oil is heated-up by means of steam of 210 °C. The deep-fry oil...

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Cooling of biogas

6 July 2017

For a project abroad, via a Dutch-company, Spiralex BV supplied a biogas cooler. The biogas cooler cools down the biogas from a fermentation plant. The cooler is designed to...

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Heating of waste water

17 June 2017

On a waste water plant (RWZI) in The Netherlands the sewage sludge will be heated for the start of the fermentation process. The sewage sludge will be heated up...

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Cooling waste water from potato production

2 May 2017

Spiralex BV supplied a big system for cooling wastewater out of a potation plant in 2017. This wastewater comes from the sewage treatment plant of a big potato processing...

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Condensate cooler

22 April 2017

Condensate coolers are used in steam applications where the condensate is discharged for disposal. In this case, it was steam that had to be cooled down to condensate. The...

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MRS Ursulines

20 March 2017

We received the order for 2 brazed plate heat exchangers for heating central heating water for MRS Ursulines from Imtech NV (Belgium) . The supply consisted of a brazed...

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